Hi! I am Nisha Chopra. I was a student of BRITISH INSTITUE. I used to hesitate to speak English. It was a difficult task for me to speak with some one in English but after joining BRITISH INSTITUE I gained confidence to speak English. Study material provided by BRITISH INSTITUE is highly beneficial for those who don’t find good atmosphere easily to speak English. I am blessed to be the part of this organization. Thank you very much!


Hi! I am Arpit Yadav proud to say that I belong to the BRITISH INSTITUE family. I used to think only those who belong to English medium can speak fluent English but it was nothing except a myth. After joining BRITISH INSTITUE I realized that anyone can speak fluent English in no time. I learnt the new techniques to improve my communication skills. It is helping me out to search for the best opportunities in the companies. Thank you very much!


Hi! I am Dr.sanjay, I am proud to say that I belong to the BRITISH INSTITUE family. I m an MBBS student. Reading books was easy but speaking English was very difficult for me. I was in hunt for a good institution where I could polish my communication skills. Thanks BRITISH INSTITUE where I learnt new techniques to improve my communication skills. Now I am able to talk to anyone in English without getting stuck. Thank you very much!

Rohan Agrawal

Hi! I am, Rohan Agrawal. I am doing CS, I have finished my course of spoken English at BRITISH INSTITUE. Since I did my education from rural area, I had no experience of modern English. BRITISH INSTITUE has helped me get rid of my problem in English communication. It has helped me at the time of appraisal in my company. Thank you very much!

Lokendra Thakur

Hi! I am Lokendra Thakur, I am a pharmacy student. I was a student of BRITISH INSTITUE. I had confidence of speaking in English. But my grammar was poor due to which my friends used to laugh at me. But with BRITISH INSTITUE I have learnt the proper use of grammar and I enhanced my vocabulary. BRITISH INSTITUE has played a great role in the development of my career. Thank you very much!

Mohit Singhal ( Hapur)

Hi! I am Mohit Singhal , I am doing BCA & teaching computer in a reputed school,I have recently finished my course at BRITISH INSTITUTE. I feel much confident now. Before joining this course I really had no knowledge of English. I used to hesitate while speaking English and in my interviews, but now I don’t hesitate and my hope of getting my dream job has increased. Thank you BRITISH INSTITUE & Deepak sir to teach me so Good.

Srabnai Ghosh

Hi! my name is Srabnai Ghosh, I am housewife. This course has given me a new dimension to my life. It has changed my personality. It has taught me how to speak fluent English with correct pronunciation. Those who want to learn fluent English & develop the personality should join British institute. I feel fortunate to join such a beautiful course. This is a platform where you can really improve your English and PD. I wish every one join this course. Thank you very much!



Hi! My name is Rashmi. I have been lucky to attend this training program. It is an excellent platform to gain fluency in speaking English. Teaching style is very unique and fun-filled. It’s like a child play to learn here. This training program is going to help me in every area of my life especially in successfully giving interviews, participating in group discussions and in giving presentations. Thank you very much!