Director Message

Managing Director

I have been in the field of teaching communicative skills in English for over 1 decade. It has been both a pleasure and a learning experience. Having trained over 50000 students in my career so far, I have gained great insight into not only what to teach but also what not to teach. Imparting communicative skills in English is different from teaching English as a subject. Here in BRITISH INSTITUTE, we train people to speak English. Based on my experience, I, with my team of RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, have evolved the study material, which is the strength of BRITISH INSTITUTE's methodology. 

BRITISH INSTITUTE's study material addresses the problems of non-native learners. . The heart of the study material is the SGF ( Speech Generating Formula ). Based on core word clusters and frequently appearing sentence patterns, the SGF trains the learners to pick up English quickly and effectively. BRITISH INSTITUTE also employs several multi-media components in making its trainees acquire communicative English in a way that is entertaining and effective. 

The classrooms are learner-friendly. To put it shortly, BRITISH INSTITUTE offers courses that are tailor-made to every learner. The aim of every trainer at BRITISH is to fulfill BRITISH INSTITUTE's mission statement: ' Anyone who walks into BRITISH walks out speaking fluent English'. Ask any of our 5 lakh students what BRITISH INSTITUTE has meant to them and you will understand what we have been doing over the decade. 

It is needless to say that English has become the lingua franca of today's business, science, technology, medicine and e-communication. It is the official language of maritime and air-transport traffic. It is spoken by more than 300 million native speakers, and about 600 million foreign users. 

In countries like India and China which are becoming business destinations for the BPO industries, teaching English is a multi-crore business. 

I am also proud that people who have become partners in business by taking up franchise have found a new meaning to their lives. they are minting money. 

Well i personally thanks for manifesting interest in BRITISH INSTITUTE'S revolutionary concept of English teaching. 
Your decision to learn English through BRITISH INSTITUTE is a smart step in the right direction. You will appreciate that, whether you are serviceman, professional, housewife, bureaucrat,M.R , sales representative , media person , student preparing for MEDIA/CALL CENTRES/IELTS or going abroad . 
As you move ahead in life you will find it difficult to do anything without English, and will realize the importance of this language in each & every field. So be smart and take a smart step to join BRITISH INSTITUTE 
With warms regards & best wishes.